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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Brings Change In Rukaiya’s Punishment

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Jalal comes to meet Rukaiya after Jodha requests him. He remains strict and tells Rukaiya that he cannot forgive her. She has brought an insult upon the Mughal Empire and has ruined the labor of the poor farmers. She has also risked the life of the Emperor by burning the letter. Akbar declares ‘no pardon’ for Rukaiya and leaves the room.

Rukaiya becomes mentally prepared to leave for Kabul. Jodha again makes a plea to Akbar, but for no result! She discusses the matter with wise man of the court, King Birbal. She tells him that Akbar might look strict, but it is obvious that he will also break down when Rukaiya will go.

Jodha Akbar: Jodha Brings Change In Rukaiya’s Punishment

Jodha tells Akbar that Rukaiya has spoiled her business, so she is ‘her convict’. According to the Mughal law, she has the right to punish Rukaiya. Akbar says he can give her the right, but he will never allow her to forgive Rukaiya.

Salima Begum sits with Murad to spend some time before he leaves Agra. She gives him a sweet dish made by herself and becomes emotional. Murad regrets that Salima was a good mother, but he could not make her proud. He promises that he will do something in future, so that Salima can be proud of him!

Rukaiya is called in the court for a second trial to be proceeded by Jodha. Jodha says she is not going to forgive Rukaiya. She tells Rukaiya that she has to prove her loyalty to the Mughal Empire; she has to set up a trade in Kabul and run it successfully. Once she is able to do it, she can come back to Agra, declares Jodha! Everyone praises Jodha’s unique method of punishing a convict.

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