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Jodha Akbar: Salim Is To Disclose His Truth To Anarkali

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Jodha Akbar January 14th episode: Salim opens his sword to attack Akbar. Jodha tries to stop him but he misunderstands her as usual. He is only stopped by Rukaiya’s appeal. Bela is unable to bear the grief of Farhan’s death. She takes the dagger from Farhan’s belt and kills herself. Akbar slams Khambar for his greed and dishonesty. He robs the tribal king of his cultural freedom.

Salim locks himself within his room and keeps thinking about Farhan, Bela and the promises he made to them. The grief completely captures him. His brothers plan to take him out of it. Murad buys a peacock mangtika, just another like that of Anarkali. He leaves it on Salim’s bed.

Jodha Akbar: Salim Is To Disclose His Truth To Anarkali

Salim sees the mangtika and remembers Anarkali. He remembers that he promised to meet her and give the updates of Bela and Farhan. He decides to meet her and disclose his true identity.

Anarkali becomes worried for Salim. On the other hand Zilbahar talks about a match for Anarkali. The parents of the boy confirm the relationship knowing the financial crisis of Anarkali’s father. They propose to bear all costs for the wedding.

Anarkali tells her mom that she will not get married to an unknown boy. Zilbahar tells her about the financial challenge they are facing. Anarkali says that she will not ruin her life only because of penury.

Anarkali convinces Zilbahar that she will not get married to settle money matters; rather she will work and earn. And she will select her own bridegroom, instead of going for a negotiated marriage.

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