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Jodha Akbar: Salim Starts Hating Anarkali!

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Jodha Akbar January 15th episode: Jodha sees Salim going out of the palace. She thinks that he is out of the trauma. She reports it to Akbar. She also tells Akbar that he should talk with Salim about Farhan’s issue. It should be cleared that Akbar is not responsible for Farhan’s death, thinks Jodha.

Akbar calls a meeting to discuss about the investigation of Farhan murder case. It is reported that Farhan’s body has shown wounds of animal’s nails. Haider cleverly says that some human could have worn animal’s nails to kill Farhan. He points towards King Khambar.

Jodha Akbar: Salim Starts Hating Anarkali!

Haider’s uncle who was a close associate of Adham Khan, praises Haider for his intelligence. The way he has created a distance between Salim and Akbar is no doubt praiseworthy, says uncle. He adds that Haider has got the brain of Maha Manga and he will surely climb the power ladder.

Anarkali tells her friend that she loves ‘Qutub’. Zilbahar comes to know about it. Salim comes to the hut of Anarkali to tell her that he is not ‘Qutub’, but prince Salim. He sees her chatting with her mother and friend. He hears the name ‘Nadira’ when Zilbahar calls Anarkali in the name. Salim remembers that this is the girl who is responsible for all problems in his childhood. He vows never to meet her again. He is broken further.

Salim’s mental disturbance creates a craving for drugs. Rukaiya sees him taking drug and prevents him. She creates a drama as if she is concerned for him. She snatches the box of drug and Salim begs for it. Rukaiya enjoys Salim’s pathetic condition.

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