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Jodha Akbar: Anarkali Comes To Agra To Meet Salim

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Jodha Akbar January 20th episode: Salim comes to Akbar’s court and begs apology as he declined the post of the Heir to the Throne. He declares that he wishes to accept his post. Akbar happily grants his appeal. Salim is crowned as the Royal Heir with his own stamp. Rukaiya thinks that now she can use Salim’s power for her own benefit. Jodha praises Akbar for his wonderful trick.

Salim uses his power for the good of the common people. He recruits Qadir in the Mughal army and also promotes other soldiers. Haider tells his uncle that Salim’s empowerment will create new problems, as his opinions are different from that of Akbar. And he will fuel the split between them, claims Haider.

Jodha Akbar: Anarkali Comes To Agra To Meet Salim

Qutub sees Salim standing in the rain. He understands that Salim is troubled with the memories of Anarkali. Anarkali comes to Agra with a desire of meeting Salim and asking him why he broke his promise. Rukaiya comes to know that Salim loves Rashid’s daughter while Jodha thinks that he loves Man Bai.

Hamshad Banu comes to meet Jodha. Jodha wishes her all the best for Qutub’s marriage. She says that Hamshad is Salim’s milk mother and so, Qutub is his brother. Qutub will get married like a prince, announces Akbar.

Jodha tells Akbar that she cannot wait anymore to get her own daughter-in-law. Akbar assures that he has invited King Bhagwandas and his family for the anniversary festival. He will talk with Bhagwandas about the match of Salim and Man Bai, thinks Akbar.

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