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Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Thrashes Anarkali And Throws Her Out

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Jodha Akbar January 21st episode: Anarkali and Rashid search for Salim in the market of Agra. Some people identify Rashid and say that this is the same man who sheltered a traitor. They decide to stone him to death and start throwing stones. Zilbahar and Anarkali beg for Rashid’s life.

Salim was passing by with his troop. He sees the chaos from a distance and orders his men to see what is happening. A guard reports that some men are ‘punishing’ a traitor. Salim says if the man is a traitor, the emperor will punish him, not the common men. He orders that the man should be rescued and treated by a doctor.

Jodha Akbar: Rukaiya Thrashes Anarkali And Throws Her Out

The soldiers warn the mob to stay away from Rashid and provide him with a doctor. Anarkali feels grateful to the man who has saved her father, without knowing who it is! She blames herself for coming to Agra.

Zilbahar says that there is no point of staying in Agra, as they are already out of money due to Rashid’s treatment. The hotel owner has banished them after the mob incident, so they have no shelter.

Zilbahar suggests that they can seek help from Jodha Begum. Anarkali comes to the palace and searches for Jodha. Hoshier reports the matter to Rukaiya. Rukaiya calls Anarkali. After Anarkali introduces herself, Rukaiya understands that this is the girl who has broken Salim’s heart. After insulting and abusing Anarkali, she denies any kind of help and throws Anarkali out of the palace.

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