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Jodha Akbar: Akbar Is Trapped By The Englishmen

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Akbar and his team leave Agra with the Englishmen to see the specimens of weapons. They stop at a camp to take rest. The Englishmen tell the Emperor that the specimens were prepared, but unfortunately they got damaged. It will take some four-five days to prepare new ones. Akbar agrees to wait.

Abul Fazal informs the Emperor that some soldiers have died, possibly due to the intake of something poisonous. Akbar does not smell anything fishy here; he just prays for the peace of their souls and orders Abul Fazal to arrange their last rites in the proper way.

Jodha Akbar: Akbar Is Trapped By The Englishmen

Murad is informed that Akbar has been cleverly captured by the Englishmen so that he cannot be able to return to the palace soon; by this time, Murad has to increase his power.

Rukaiya asks for a big amount of money for the renovation of her quarter. The accountant tells her that she cannot grant such a big amount. She says that Rukaiya has to write an application to the Account Manager, King Todarmal. Rukaiya fumes, but she writes the application letter to Todarmal.

Todarmal informs Jodha that Rukaiya has asked for such a big fund. Jodha comes to talk with Rukaiya; she tells Rukaiya that the Account Department cannot grant such a big amount in Rukaiya’s name, in the absence of the Emperor. She requests Rukaiya to wait until Akbar returns.

Rukaiya becomes furious and insults Jodha. Hamida sees this and scolds Rukaiya; she compels Rukaiya to apologize. Rukaiya plans to take revenge upon Jodha. Jodha works very hard for the spice business. She feels bad for Akbar, but smiles again when she receives his letter.

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