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Jodha Akbar: Jodha Returns To Agra Without Meeting Akbar

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Jodha Akbar's July 30th episode: Rukaiya is informed by Hoshier that the business letter has been successfully forged and given to Salima Begum. Janisar tells Murad that he will weaken the Emperor, but will not kill him; so, Murad will get enough time to come to the power!

Jodha comes back to her tent where Rahim and Moti are waiting for her with stressed nerves. She tells them that she has killed the Englishman when he tried to take her to the bed. Rahim says they have to escape quickly.

Jodha Akbar's July 30th episode

When the news is given to Janisar, his soldiers start a thorough search for the ‘group of gypsies’. By that time Jodha, Rahim and Moti have entered the jungle. The soldiers also start searching inside the jungle.

Rahim finds a safe hiding place and the three hide themselves for the night. There Jodha tells Rahim that she has seen Murad with Janisar. Rahim is quite surprised. However, they safely come back to Agra.

Jodha tells Hamida that she has failed to get any information about Akbar. And it is more frightening that Akbar and his team are not present with the Englishmen, neither have they returned to Agra!

Jodha calls an urgent meeting with the security officers. She tells them to thoroughly search in the surroundings of Agra for the Emperor and his group. She tells Rahim that she cannot talk with Salima Begum about Murad, until she gets a strong proof against him. She instructs him to collect some proof.

Todarmal informs Jodha that the Government of Turkey is claiming the spice products right now, while the order letter is dated after seven days!

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