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Jodha Akbar: JodhaTo Get Rid Of Laboni’s Soul?

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Jodha Akbar's June 24th episode: Abul Fazal and Rahim cleverly cross Shahbuddin. He confesses that he organized the conspiracy of Salim’s murder. He is sent to jail. Rahim decides that they would not disclose the facts to Akbar as he is already troubled by Jodha’s case. Salim understands that it was Laboni who encouraged him to get married to Anarkali.

Akbar tells others that he knows the man who can rescue Jodha from the grip of the evil. He warns others to behave normally with Jodha so that the spirit does not become alert. He meets Yogi Udaynath, who understands the crisis at once. He tells Akbar that he will sit for puja in the evening and he will drag the spirit towards him; Jodha will leave the palace at that time and no one should follow her. Akbar tells others about Udaynath’s warning.

Jodha Akbar: JodhaTo Get Rid Of Laboni’s Soul?

Yogi Udaynath sits for the puja in the evening. His chants reach Laboni’s ear. It irritates her; Laboni becomes restless and vandalizes the room. At last she fails to resist the chant anymore; She rushes towards it. Akbar, Salim and others watch the Queen leaving the palace. They pray for her well-being.

Jodha enters into the jungle and reaches the place where Udaynath is performing his puja rituals. Laboni’s spirit confronts Udaynath and says that she will kill him. Udaynath creates a ring of fire around him and fights against the evil soul. He says that he has selected the holy night for this mission, because evil spirits lose their power at such occasions. Laboni bursts into anger and struggles hard against the holy chants of Udaynath.

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