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Jodha Akbar: Laboni’s Truth Is Exposed To Jodha

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Jodha Akbar's June 3rd episode: Jodha prepares rice with the special powder given by the Yogi. He vomits at night. Jodha understands that the Emperor is overpowered by black magic, as the Yogi predicted. She remembers that the wise man told her to collect some personal thing of her sister.

Jodha comes to Laboni’s room with her own ornaments and says that she wants to gift her some ornaments. She insists on trying the ornaments on Laboni. She cleverly takes out Laboni’s jhumka with this excuse and takes it to the Yogi.

Jodha Akbar: Laboni’s Truth Is Exposed To Jodha

The Yogi tests the piece of ornament and says that it belongs to a dead person! Jodha is shocked. She says that Leela’s lover Sangram Singh is very much present within the palace and he himself has identified his fiancée. The Yogi says that Sangram must be hypnotized.

The Yogi requests Jodha to narrate all incidents after ‘Leela’ came to the palace. Jodha narrates how Akbar’s behavior has changed after ‘Leela’s’ arrival. Often he becomes violent to others for petty reasons. She mentions the incident of Meena Bazar too.

Yogi opines that the kheer was specially prepared for the Emperor to hypnotize him and now he is captured by the evil power. It is the second stage of the black magic. He advises Jodha to stay alert, so that the witch can never guess that she is exposed.

Jodha fears that the witch can apply the third trick soon. Yogi assures her that it will not happen very soon. He tells her that her love is the greatest obstacle in the path of the black magic. So, she must stay with the Emperor and protect him with her love.

While Jodha was talking with the Yogi, Laboni was busy in seducing Akbar. Jodha comes back and sees him behaving in a strange way. She keeps patience, keeping the wise man’s advice in mind.

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