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Jodha Akbar: Anarkali To Inform Akbar About Sharifuddin’s Den

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Jodha Akbar March 19th episode: Sharifuddin rubbishes Mirza’s warning saying that there is no place for emotion in politics. He least cares whether Mirza stays his friend or not. He sends message to Akbar. Anarkali hears the discussion of Sharifuddin’s messengers in an inn, while she is returning from pilgrimage. She comes to know about Jodha’s kidnap.

Anarkali thinks she should follow the men to see their den. She comes near the den and sees Sharifuddin and his gang. Sharifuddin leaves the den for some purpose and his men indulge in drinking.

Jodha Akbar: Anarkali To Inform Akbar About Sharifuddin’s Den

Anarkali sneaks into the den and comes to Jodha’s room. She uncovers Jodha’s mouth and tries to untie her hands. But they hear Sharif’s voice as he has come back to take his sword.

Jodha tells Anarkali to leave the place quickly and give message to Akbar. A man enters the room and Anarkali quickly escapes. Sharifuddin sees her shadow and becomes alert. He comes to Jodha and says that he has ‘allowed her messenger to escape’, as he wants Akbar to visit the den.

Akbar gets Sharifuddin’s message where he demands Bakshi Banu in return for Jodha. Akbar says he can never accept such deal and he will rescue Jodha by killing the criminal.

Sharif plans that he will leave the den with Jodha and keep her in another place. He instructs his men to kill Akbar when he will come in search of Jodha. Jodha asks for food. Sharif gives her food and unties her hands. Jodha looks for a scope; she quickly writes a message on the floor and drops her earrings near it to leave a clue for Akbar.

The troops of Kabul and Agra face each other in the field of war.

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