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Jodha Akbar: Maharana’s Agent Proves His Patriotism

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Jodha Akbar's May 22nd episode: Akbar is charmed seeing Jodha in the beautiful gown in which she looks dazzling. He embraces and caresses her. Laboni and her mother become busy with their practice of black magic. Akbar is overpowered by a strange feeling. He suddenly reprimands Jodha for wearing the gown and calls her a ‘shameless woman’.

Jodha becomes shocked. Akbar goes to bed and lies down as he feels sick. She becomes tensed. Suddenly she discovers two conch shells on the floor. They are the shells which Laboni has kept in the Emperor’s room; they are the media of Laboni’s hypnotism over Jalal.

Jodha sees that the conch shells are shaped like human eyes. As soon as she takes them in her hand, the effect of hypnotism is over. Laboni and her mother see some signs which indicate that the magic shells are touched by someone.

Laboni’s mother apprehends that the effect of their black magic will fade out and they will be in danger. Laboni sees that Jodha is showing the shells to Moti. She cleverly takes them back. Akbar’s illness is not cured.

Salim trains his battalion for the war against Mebar. He sees a man who looks like a Mughal soldier, but his behavior is suspicious. Salim catches the man and comes to know that he is a secret agent of Maharana Pratap.

The man is taken to Akbar’s court. Akbar tries to extract information from him. He says that he would better die for Maharana, but would never reveal any information about him.

Akbar is pleased by the patriotism of the man and wants to free him, but the man says that he would not go back to the camp of Maharana, as the Mughal soldiers can follow him and find out the shelter. He takes poison and dies instantly.

Maharana’s men inform that his informer Tej Singh has not returned to the camp. They fear that he might be caught and the Mughals can extract information from him. Rana says that he has complete trust in his agent.

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