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Jodha Akbar: Murad Plans To Murder Salim

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Jodha Akbar's May 29th episode: Laboni sees that her mother has sacrificed her finger, to save her from the obvious danger of being exposed. Her mother says that she will accumulate a monumental power very soon and will be able to do anything. Laboni comes to Sangram Singh and hypnotizes him. She says that she will use him as a pet dog. Sangram sits on his knees and behaves like a dog.

The black magician, who was not allowed to enter the Mughal palace, comes to the royal astrologer Pandit Badrinath. Badrinath identifies him at once and welcomes him to his hut.

Jodha Akbar: Murad Plans To Murder Salim

Badrinath tells the Yogi that he wanted to take him to the Emperor, as he is one of the greatest black magicians of India. Yogi says that the Emperor himself will come to him. He tells Badrinath that some evil power has shadowed Akbar’s life and he will need the help of black magic.

Akbar declares that he will conduct another Meena bazaar within the palace. He tells Laboni to participate in the bazaar. Laboni says that her shop will beat that of Jodha. Jodha comes to Aram Banu and sees that she is planning to open a shop of dolls in the Meena Bazar.

While Arama Banu is sitting amid a number of dolls, Jodha asks her about the doll which she got from Laboni. Laboni told Jodha that the strange conch shells fell on the floor as Aram Banu broke the doll. But Aram Banu says she did not break the doll. The idol artist sees Jodha’s Kanha idol and understands that the idol did not break normally, but it was broken by someone.

Haider’s uncle Shahbuddin comes to Murad and tells him that he should murder Salim, if he wants to become the next Emperor. Murad agrees with him and tells him to hire a man for the plot.

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