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Kumkum Bhagya: Karvachaut – Pragya To Catch Nikhil-Tanu Red-Handed!

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In Kumkum Bhagya, Pragya's (Sriti Jha) life was in danger as the trio - Tanu (Leena Jumani), Raj and Ali (Shikha Singh) had hired a killer (Vijay) to kill Pragya. After Raj's denial to pay Vijay, as the latter was not successful in killing Pragya, he will decide to complete his work.

Vijay will kidnap Pragya and tie her up behind the Raavan's effigy. Tanu is happy that Pragya will be killed as Abhi (Shabbir Ahluwalia) was going to set fire to the effigy.

But at the right time, Abhi sees someone behind the effigy and takes his bike to save the person. Abhi is shocked to see Pragya there and saves her, like he always had.

Pragya is happy and gets teary-eyed as their love for each other was true, which saved her life. On the other hand, Pragya decides to observe fast for Abhi and asks Dadi's permission.

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Dadi, at first agrees, for Pragya, but later on Bulbul's interference, thinking Abhi will get to know Pragya's drama, Dadi asks her not to fast.

Pragya decides to observe the fast. Later Dadi will be seen supporting Pragya, but on one condition, that Abhi shouldn't know that she is observing vrat for him.

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This puts Pragya in confused state as she wanted to observe Karvachauth as Abhi's fuggi and not the modern Pragya.

Tanu will be seen talking to Alia over the phone and informing about the incident that happened. Tanu is annoyed that Pragya was almost killed but at right time Abhi spoiled her game, by saving her. Sensing someone behind, Tanu hangs up.

Tanu thinks it to be Abhi, but seeing Nikhil (Nikhil Arya) in her room, she is shocked. She asks him to stay away from her, but Nikhil tells Tanu that she has to observe fast for him and he, as an ideal husband, will break her fast.

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Seeing Pragya looking at the calendar, Abhi asks Pragya if she is trying to run away with his money. Pragya ignores the question and starts applying ointment. Abhi asks Pragya to wear the spectacles and tries to help Pragya in applying ointment.


It has to be noted that Pragya had previously caught Tanu and Nikhil together and doubts Nikhil to be the father of Tanu's unborn baby. Pragya keeps an eye on the couple. On the other hand, Tanu had sensed that Pragya is doubting them and asks Nikhil to stay away from her, who bluntly refuses.

Pragya's Karvachaut

Pragya will observe fast for Abhi, while Tanu and Abhi doubt that Pragya is faking her modern avatar. When Abhi asks her if she is observing fast for him, Pragya lies again, saying she is having lot of food instead! Believing Pragya's words, Abhi will start hating her more.


Dadi will decide not to make Abhi hate Pragya so much. Dadi would have already asked Pragya to observe fast without Abhi's knowledge and she will be seen helping Pragya and makes Abhi to break her fast. But how? This should be seen in the upcoming episode.


Also, Nikhil who had promised that he will be giving Tanu a surprise for Karvachauth, will break her fast. According to the latest spoiler, Pragya will catch Nikhil breaking Tanu's fast!

Is this the end of Tanu's story or will she create another story to escape?

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