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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi: Ishaani Gets To Know Ranveer-Milan Story; Amba In Tears!

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In Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, Ishaani (Radhika Madan) is confused with Milan's strange behaviour. Ishaani even thinks of consulting the doctor to check if Ranveer (Shakti Arora)  aka Milan has any problem.

Milan shocks Ishaani with his dressing sense. He wears bright yellow coloured shirt for the photoshoot, thinking it is cool. Even though Manas tries to make him change the dress, Milan doesn't and he calls Ishaani.

Ishaani is shocked seeing RV aka Milan in yellow coloured shirt and asks him to change immediately. But Milan asks her to help in change, for which Ishaani agrees. Also, Ishaani is surprised as she doesn't see the mark on RV's back, which Amba and Kailash had told.

When Ishaani tries to ask the same, Milan gets confused. She also asks Milan why he lied to Ishaani that he was fasting for her during Karavachauth, as she caught him having food in the stall. Milan holds his head and Ishaani thinks RV is unwell again.

On the other hand, Lakshmi had sent Parul to meet a guy, who on Disha's insistence (as Disha indicates him to take Parul to a lonely place), takes Parul to his home from restaurant. Manas gets to know this and at the same time Disha calls Milan and tells that she doesn't find the guy as right person for Parul.

Milan gets angry and goes directly to the guy's home, slaps him and gets Parul to the house. Meanwhile, Milan gets RV's letter that he had written while trying to escape. He reads it and gets angry.

After returning back home, RV asks Ishaani to take Parul to the room. When Ishaani refuses, he asks her to do as he says as he is her husband. This shocks Ishaani. Adding to this, RV who had never spoke to Baa in a wrong speech, tells that the house is only run on Baa and Ishaani's instructions.

Read the story of Milan and RV in the slides....


Milan declares Parul and Manas' marriage. All are shocked to hear this and Disha tries to stop him. But Milan will shout on Disha and asks her to keep quiet as she doesn't have rights to speak and also has no rights on her husband and baby as she left them when they needed.


Manas adds that it was Parul who took care of the baby and Manas. When Disha asks how he can do this when Manas' first wife is alive, Milan tells on Disha's face that ‘it won't be difficult to get Disha-Manas divorced.' He tells Manas is right person for his sister Parul and both will be happy together.


When Milan tells that he saw the love and care for Parul, when Manas got to know about the guy's misbehaviour, Manas stops Milan by saying that, ‘he would have done the same with any girl'. Disha is angry seeing Manas' care for Parul and is annoyed that her plan backfired on her!

Ishaani Shocked

Ishaani will be shocked with Milan's decision of marrying his sister to Manas, as he was previously against it. She also recalls Milan's strange behaviours and decides to visit the specialist. To her shock, the doctor will declare RV normal. Surprised Ishaani will come back home with the reports.

Milan's Play

According to the latest spoiler, during RV's parent's Amba and Kailash's anniversary, a grand function will be orgainised, where Milan will be staging a play. The play which has two children and how their parents sold one child to some other person for money!

Amba Cries Her Heart Out

This will make Amba and Kailash recall their past. Amba will get emotional and will gets teary thinking of her another child. Amba will tell Ishaani the story of RV and his brother. She will confess that she did not sell the child for money. Ishaani and Kailash will try to console her.

RV-Milan's Story

Amba will tell the RV had a judwa brother. RV used to fall sick often and it was difficult for them to manage two kids. Amba and Kailash heard that a person didn't have baby and decided to give their baby to them so that they can take proper care of him, which they couldn't.

Ishaani In Tears

Amba clarifies Ishaani that they didn't sell their RV's brother. They wanted the person to adopt RV, but since he was sick, they wouldn't have agreed to adopt him and that's the reason they gave their other child to the person. The other child was none other than Milan.

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