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Sargun Mehta, Rishabh Sinha, Mandana Karimi - Guests Of Hotel Bigg Boss 9; Plot Against Housemates!

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The fans of Bigg Boss 9 are disappointed that this season's show is not as interesting as previous seasons'. We saw Bigg Boss and recently, Salman too informed the house members on how boring people are finding the show by showing them the tweets.

Looks like the makers have taken this seriously. As recently Qubool Hai fame actor Rishabh Sinha entered the house as a wild card entrant, who had a one-on-one conversation with the housemates. He also alerted each one of them giving them the viewers' perspective.

Also, as Salman said during the weekend episode that this week there will be full of wild card entries in the house and the game is going to turn tuff for the contestants.

In today's episode we will see a new game where Bigg Boss house will be converted into hotel BB 9. Andy, Sargun Mehta, Sanaa Khan, Ali Quli Mirza will be the guests of this Bigg Boss 9 Hotel.

Before the task starts, Rishabh and Mandana Karimi, who were seen bonding, were given secret tasks. They were called to the confession room. Bigg Boss asked the duo, who are the guests, to target any two contestants in the house and give them so much work so that they give up on the task.

After a lot of discussion, Rishabh gave two names. Well, anyone could have guessed this who had watched the previous episode. It was none other than Digangana Suryavanshi and Kishwer Merchant.

Prince is the manager and other housemates are the hotel staff. The manager and staff have to ensure that the guests have a pleasant stay at the hotel and all wishes are duly fulfilled.

Kishwer was given 'doggy go fetch' task by Rishabh. Kishwer's boyfriend Suyyash Rai couldn't bear it and started crying. Even the other housemates were seen offering help to Kishwer. (With COLORS TV INPUTS; Image Credit: Colors TV)

Kishwer Harassed

Adding on to this, Kishwer was constantly harassed by Rishabh and Madana who kept on making her work by asking her to get water, ice cubes and then sent her back to get sugar. Kishwer gets so much frustrated that she will be seen carrying the ice-cubes in the mouth and giving it to Mandana!


Rishabh makes Kishwer give him a shoulder massage. He will also be seen asking Suyyash to massage his feet. Rimi and Rochelle will be seen giving a pedicure to Mandana. Later Sargun Mehta will join Rishabh and Mandana and start plotting against the housemates. Sargun will be seen asking the housemates to sing and dance as the house lacks entertainment.


Rishabh and Sargun will litter the bathroom. The duo will also make Kishwer clean it. Well, Kishwer's reaction is worth watching! Rishabh also makes his old enemy Digangana to do things against her wish. It is said that Digangana will be asked to cook non-veg, though they are aware that she is a pure vegetarian.


Suyyash and Kishwer are asked to act like dogs while Rishabh will be seen playing around with them. Prince gets irritated seeing this, and decides to take revenge on Rishabh for bothering his friends, Kishwer and Suyyash. Hmm... Prince, we are sure Kish and Suyyash will join you in helping you teach Rishabh, a lesson!

Hotel Bigg Boss 9

Later in the day, the entire staff get together and discuss on how to tackle with Mandana and Rishabh. They decide to turn the tables around and make Mandana and Rishabh cry. Haa! Sounds interesting! We will have to wait and watch how Rishab and Mandana will be dealt by the housemates!

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