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Swaragini: Not Sanskar, But Lakshya To Save Swara; Ragini Provokes Lakshya To Commit Suicide!

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In Swaragini, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) takes her drama to a different level, where she makes everyone dance to her tunes. Not only Swara (Helly Shah), but Lakshya (Namish Taneja), his mother Annapoorna, Sanskar (Varun Kapoor)and his mother Sujatha are finding it difficult to handle.

Swara will be forced to observe vrath for Sanskar, even though she is told that Swara is unwell. Also, Ragini forces Lakshya to spend time with her the whole day, when he is not at all interested in her and knows she is faking her memory loss.

While Sanskar and Swara will be having fun discussing serious matter of divorce and sharing the food (sargi), Lakshya comes across their room and finds Swara close to Sanskar and gets jealous.

Ragini forcefully takes Lakshya to the park and starts fighting with him for the previous day's incident when he was caught in Swara's room at mid-night. While arguing with Lakshya, Ragini intentionally calls Swara and makes her hear their conversation.

Ragini cuts the call, and Swara gets disturbed thinking her sister is upset and she might again take some stupid decision that may worsen her health. She calls back Lakshya to know about her sister, but by then Ragini would have left as Lakshya doesn't promise to move on in his life!

Swara and Lakshya get into an argument about Ragini. Lakshya still believes that Ragini is faking memory loss and he also takes Swara's promise that if he proves Ragini's truth, Swara will come back to his life!

Just when Swara was to leave the place, she will be kidnapped by few men. Lakshya will be seen running behind the car, which had Swara, but in vain.

On the other hand, Ragini will come back home and gets involved in Karvachauth Pooja with other ladies of the house, while Swara is missing!

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According to the latest spoiler, Swara will get kidnapped and be hidden in an isolated place. Lakshya informs Sanskar about the same and both will go in search of Swara. Lakshya finds out Swara and fights with goons to save Swara from the kidnappers. Lakshya will get close to Swara, during this moment.

Ragini Behind The Kidnap!

Ragini, who is the person behind this kidnap, will follow Lakshya. She knows that Lakshya will find Swara first and was ready with her next move. She will be seen clicking pictures of Swara and Lakshya, when they get closer. Lakshya will kiss Swara on forehead and this will be captured in her camera!

Annapoorna-Durga Prasad

Ragini is all set to tarnish her sister Swara's image. Though Lakshya knew Ragini hasn't changed, he doesn't know that she was behind them, capturing their pictures. Ragini will send these pictures to Annapoorna, thinking that after getting these pictures, the family might get bad impression on Swara.

Sanskar To Save Swara From Ragini

But before anything could happen, Sanskar who loves Swara, will protect her. Sanskar will get to see the pictures before hand and destroy them. But will Swara, Sanskar and Lakshya get to know that Ragini was behind all these plans? Will Swara see the love and care that Sanskar has for her?


Before we get the answers for the questions, another twist will happen in the story. Ragini, after failing in this plan, will make another plan, which will make Maheshwari family to think about their son Lakshya's future! To know what the plan is ... read on...

Ragini Provokes Lakshya

Ragini will be seen provoking Lakshya, who has gone mad in love with Swara. Ragini will use this weakness of Lakshya to target Swara's image. Lakshya will be seen emotionally blackmailing Swara. He asks her to come back to him, else he would die. Ragini will take advantage of this.

Lakshya Tries To Commit Suicide

Ragini will provoke Lakshya saying that he should try to commit suicide to see if Swara comes to him. And Lakshya, who won't think much, will go ahead and tries to hurt himself by cutting his hand! Ragini, who was adamant to get her love, now doesn't mind seeing him hurt, just to prove Swara bad in front of everyone!

Lakshya Hurt

Seeing Lakshya hurt with blood in his hands, Swara and Ragini run towards him. Swara bandages the wound and seeing this Lakshya thinks that Swara still loves him and has concern for him. On the other hand, Ragini is hurt seeing both together. At the same time doctor too comes to the house to check Lakshya.

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