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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Actress Shilpa Shinde Lashes Out At The Channel!

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We had already reported about Shilpa Shinde being extremely upset with the makers. There were rumours of Shilpa's exit, and the reason for her exit was stated as the actress' unprofessional behaviour and her tantrums! Now that the actress has quit the show, she clears the rumours...

In her recent interview to Spotboye, the actress has lashed out at the channel and the makers of the show. On asking why she stopped shooting, Shilpa was quoted by Spotboye as saying, "The officials of & TV (the channel it is aired on) wanted me to sign an exclusive contract, which I refused. I was willing to sign a bond that would prevent me from essaying a character similar to Angoori (her character in the show). But I should have the liberty to do other shows."

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain Actress Shilpa Shinde Lashes Out At The Channel!

There were reports that the actress 'demanded a huge hike'. But, Shilpa cleared the rumours by saying that, when she refused to sign the contract, they spread rumours that she was throwing tantrums on the sets. She added, "To make matters worse, they even refused to give me a raise in lieu of the exclusivity."

If you recall, there were claims that the actress 'has her own demands in terms of costume, hair which the team cannot afford it.' Shilpa has clarifies this statement as well.

She was quoted by Spotboye as saying, "I just asked the producers (Edit II) money for alteration of my blouses. What about their favouritism towards Saumya Tandon? She gets a personal fashion designer from the channel because she has a friend there. And things go haywire even if I ask for a minor alteration of my blouse."

BJGPH actress even said that the show's producer Benaifer Kohli is a real terror. She said, "She is so insecure that she wants everything in writing from the stars. On the other hand, she will not commit to anything."

Well, we will miss Shilpa on Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hain, for sure. Especially, her dialogue, 'Sahi pakde hai', which she tells in her own style, will be missed by her fans!

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