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Bigg Boss 10: Om Swami Is Fake, Here’s The Proof!

Bigg Boss 10’s entertaining contestant Om Swami accepts that he is fake.

Written by: Ankita Pareek
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Bigg Boss 10 is going up the ladder with each passing day. Om Swami in today's episode will accept that he is fake.

After being declared as poor performer in the task by his commoner inmates, Om Swami is locked in the jail.

Swamiji is absolutely losing it in the jail. He criticized Monalisa by saying that she isn't an actress as hi-fi as Katrina Kaif and then later changes himself to suggest her that she should try her hand out in Hollywood and he can help her do that as he has many contacts in the industry.

Monalisa controlled her laughter & anger and as always chose not to react to his stories. Later on, Swamiji criticizes Lokesh for not understanding that people are mocking at her. Lokesh gives it back to Swamiji saying that when the time comes she will answer all the people on her own, and he shouldn't advise her.

Om Swami's rising temper becomes a shock when he comes straight to the camera and says aloud "main duniya ka sabse bada dhongi hoon, duniya ka sabse bada badmaash hoon!"

He warns Bigg Boss to put an air conditioner in the jail as it is too hot in the jail and if he doesn't do so he will break the bars and come out.

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