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Diya Aur Baati Hum Spoilers: Sandhya Doubts Arzoo; What’s Her Hidden Motive?

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In Diya Aur Baati Hum, Sandhya (Deepika Singh) and Sooraj get to know that Arzoo is a Pakistani, and they hide this fact from Bhabho, as now, she is married to Chotu. Sandhya doubts Arzoo, and her officers ask Sandhya to keep an eye on her.

In the previous episode, we saw how Sooraj decides to tell Bhabho about Arzoo, after Muh-Dikhai ritual. He also decides to help Arzoo, adjust to the Rathi family.

Diya Aur Baati Hum Spoilers: Sandhya Doubts Arzoo; What’s Her Hidden Motive?

During Muh-Dikhai ritual, Bhabho invites the neighbours, who taunt her for Arzoo's 'tamasha' during her entry. They also make Bhabho recall Sandhya's incident (initially, Sandhya didn't know how to wear a sari) and embarrass both Sandhya and Bhabho.

Bhabho and Sandhya get embarrassed with the neighbours' words. Bhabho also goes to check Arzoo, and is impressed to see Arzoo in a sari. She praises Arzoo in front of the neighbours.

But, everybody will be shocked to see Arzoo's short sari (the sari doesn't fit her correctly as she is tall). Adding on to this, Bhabho's neighbour gift the family a ladder!

Arzoo, is upset and tells Sandhya that she never meant to insult Bhabho. Seeing Arzoo's innocence, Sandhya stops suspecting her, as she feels Arzoo cannot harm any.

Arzoo would have hidden something in the suitcase and refuses to show it to Meenakshi. She also hides the suitcase when Meena goes away, and thinks of completing her motive.

In the upcoming episode, Sandhya gets an approval letter of three months leave from the constable. She is shocked as she wouldn't have applied for the leave. She gets annoyed, when she gets to know Arzoo had applied for Sandhya's leave.

Arzoo prepares tasty kheer for everybody in dharmshala and Bhabho is impressed. Also, Chotu gets attracted towards Arzoo as he likes her innocence.

According to the latest spoiler, Arzoo will get involved in terrorist activities and Sandhya will get to know this! Did Arzoo get into Rathi family to know Sandhya's mission? What will Sandhya do now?

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-Sandhya will be asked by her officers to keep an eye on Arzoo.

-Arzoo refuses to show what is in the suitcase to Meenakshi.

-Arzoo hides the suitcase.

-Bhabho is impressed to see Arzoo in sari.

- Bhabho and others are shocked to see Arzoo in the sari as the sari doesn't completely fit her.

-Daaisa and other neighbours taunt Bhabho.

- They even gift Rathi family, a ladder!

- Sandhya helps Arzoo by giving her a sari. Seeing Arzoo's innocence, Sandhya feels Arzoo can't harm anybody.

- Arzoo decides to complete her plan. But what is Arzoo's plan?

- A constable informs Sandhya that her three months leave is approved.

- Sandhya is shocked to know Arzoo applied for her leave and shouts at her.

- Arzoo prepares kheer in dharmashala. Bhabho is impressed with Arzoo as the kheer tastes good.

- Arzoo gets involved in terrorists activities and Sandhya gets to know about the same!

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