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Diya Aur Baati Hum: Sandhya Comes Up With A Master Plan Against Mukheshwari Mata!

Written by: Manasa B

There is a lot of high-voltage drama going on currently in the popular soap opera Diya Aur Baati Hum. Sandhya (Deepika Singh) is totally determined to find out the truth and save her beloved son, Ved from getting caught in the web of superstitions.

She hatches a plan and informs Sooraj (Anas Rashid) about it. As per her plan, she enters the Mukheshwari Mata temple alone, to find out the truth. She does the pooja and also keeps jewellery and money as an offering! All this is being recorded in the camera.

Sandhya plans to save Ved from Mukheshwari Mata.

Soon she falls down and pretends to be unconscious as per her plan. A man whose face is covered enters the temple. Sandhya watches this. As soon as he tries to inject her with something, she grabs his hand! But, the man pushes her away and places a metal rod in her hand and she gets an electric shock because of this.

Sooraj gets tensed and reaches the temple entrance and finds Sandhya lying down unconscious. He is shocked and wakes her up. She reveals the entire incident to him.

She also tells him even though she failed in exposing the identity of the person who tried to attack her in the temple, she will find it out soon as she has to execute one more plan.

Sandhya tells Sooraj that she had smeared the offerings given to the Devi with an invisible ink and it will be transferred to the one who touches it. Not only that, the ink can be detected through a device.

She also pretends to have become a devotee of the Mata and she takes a procession of the Devi. She fits the device in the carriage to find out who the culprit is.

By looking at the device, Binny seems to be tensed and she leaves the place immediately. On the other hand, Sandhya and Sooraj are looking out for the real culprit.

Will Sandhya be able to catch the culprit?

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