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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raja Challenges Rani; Jeevan Helps Rani Again! (PICS)

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The love-hate story of Raja (Sartaj Gill) and Rani (Eisha Singh) continues on Zee TV's Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. It is Raja's arrogance and Rani's innocence that's keeping the audiences engaged.

As we reported earlier, Raja successfully takes revenge on Rani, who is heartbroken. When Rani gets to know that Raja's love was a drama, as he wanted to take revenge on her, she decides to leave Raja and the project. But, Raja warns her that if she leaves the project contract that she signed - she will have to give him Rs 3 Lakhs! Rani is shocked to see Raja's changed behaviour.

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani: Raja Challenges Rani; Jeevan Helps Rani Again! (PICS)

Raja, Badi Rani and Kaal had planned this drama together. Raja is takes revenge on Rani as he feels that she is the reason for him to stay away from his family for long time. Raja reveals how they planned to trap Rani and how she got fooled.

During the hotel project meeting, Raja insults Rani in front of clients, which Jeevan couldn't resist and tries to stop Raja. But Rani stops Jeevan.

Jeevan has always been with Rani and had also reminded about Raja's character, but it was Rani, who blindly trusted Raja.

In the upcoming episodes, Raja asks Rani to get his name inked on her hand. Although Raja's mother tries to stop Raja, he doesn't listen to her, but in turn, he lifts his hands to hit his mother.

Raja's mother is shocked with Raja's attitude. The brave Rani accepts the challenge, but she gets only the initial (Ra) inked on her hands because of pain.

Raja also troubles Rani by stopping the workers painting the Rajmahal and asking Rani to paint the walls. He asks her to climb the ladder and paint the wall. Although Rani is scared of heights and allergic to paint, she accepts Raja's challenge.

In this work as well, Jeevan comes to Rani's rescue. He helps her paint the wall, and they have food together during the break. Seeing Jeevan with Rani, Raja gets jealous as he is possessive about Rani!

Well, we must say, Raja is too confused about Rani! He has to first decide if he loves Rani or wants to take revenge on her. What say guys??

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