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Jamai Raja: Naina Gets To Know The Truth About Sid-Anya's Relationship!

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In Jamai Raja, Sid (Ravi Dubey) and Anya are pretending to be a married couple in front of their families to make Roshni (Nia Sharma) realise that she still loves Sid. Their plan works; Roshni starts feeling insecure!

The couples Sid-Anya and Neil-Roshni sit for a puja together on the occasion of nirjala ekadashi. Mitul, who is aware that Sid is Roshni's ex-husband, plans to expose them on the occasion. Meanwhile, Sid and Roshni hesitantly perform rituals with their repective partners.

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Mitul, as per her plan, asks Sid to fill Anya's forehead with sindoor! Sid and Anya are puzzled whereas Roshni feels miserable. Sid takes the sindoor plate near the fan nearby, due to which the sindoor falls on Roshni's forehead in true filmy style!

Roshni gets emotional and runs from the scene. Sid follows her and both of them engage in a heart-touching conversation. Roshni reminisces her marriage and Sid asks Roshni to forgive him for what happened and wipes the sindoor!

Meanwhile, Anya gets a call from the hospital that her boyfriend Aarav is recuperating well after the accident. On the other hand, Naina gets to know that Sid and Anya have been faking their marriage till now!

Naina slaps Sid in a rage! She is upset with Anya for hiding this from the entire family whereas Anya tries to convince her. In the upcoming episode, Naina asks Sid and Anya to get married soon!

Will Sid marry Anya?

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