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Jamai Raja Spoiler: Neil Plans A Date For Roshni; Will She Forgive Him?

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In Zee TV's Jamai Raja, Roshni (Nia Sharma) has married Neil, but is unhappy in her marriage, as she loves Sid (Ravi Dubey). Neil has taken to drinking like he was in the past.

Mitul and Ranjeet want to take advantage of this situation and take over the entire business empire! On the other hand, Anya has fallen in love with Sid. She is taking Simran's help to get close to Sid. Sid is unaware of all this, and trusts Anya.

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Neil (Indraneil Sengupta), in his drunken state, is seen constantly misbehaving with Roshni, which makes her sad. Even Sid is trying to move on from his past, but in vain.

Roshni is alone at the office and waiting for Neil to pick her up. The power goes off. Mitul creates a confusion on purpose, after which, Sid lands up in the office. Sid does not know that Roshni is all alone.

Roshni presumes him to be Neil, and hugs him! Neil and Naina will soon enter the scene. How does Neil react to this?

In the upcoming episodes, Neil will take her out on a dinner date. He will apparently ask for forgiveness for misbehaving with her. He even gifts her chocolates and surprises her by showering flowers on her!

While having dinner, a waiter addresses Roshni as Mrs. Khurana! This further upsets Neil. What will happen next? Please give your comments in the comment box below.

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