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Jamai Raja: Roshni Proposes Neil! Sid Watches The Scene Helplessly!

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In the last episode, we saw how goons entered Roshni's (Nia Sharma) office and attacked her. She is all alone, but Sid (Ravi Dubey) arrives in the nick of time and fights single-handedly and saves her.

In the process of saving her, he gets injured as a goon hits him with a rod!
Roshni gets teary eyed on seeing this. She shouts for help and asks her office staff to call the doctor. And she confesses her love for Sid! Well, that's a cute moment indeed!

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Sid hears her confession and is overjoyed. Even she admits that she still has feelings for him, but she confronts him by saying that she doesn't want to come back to his life!

In the meanwhile, Sid visits her in her hotel room and surprises her with bouquets.
She tells him to leave and advises him to stay with Anya. He breaks his silence and tells her that he is not Anya's husband! Roshni is shocked. Sid pacifies her and tells about how he saved Anya from committing suicide.

Roshni meets Anya and questions him regarding Sid. She asks him the reason for her sudden decision to marry Sid. Anya tells Roshni that she is not a kid anymore and her marriage news is actually true.

In the meanwhile, Simran comes to know that Roshni is alive. She meets Roshni and tells that Anya loves Sid a lot and a warns her to stay way from Sid's life. Roshni is heartbroken!

Roshni meets Neil (Indraneil Sengupta) and proposes him! His joy knows no bounds now, as he always wanted to marry her. He accepts her proposal. Sid stands as a silent witness to this scene and is teary-eyed.Soon, he gathers some courage and announces that this wedding cannot take place! He asks Anya to tell the truth. Everyone is puzzled.

Will Anya tell the truth?

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