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Jamai Raja Spoiler: Sid Kidnaps Roshni To Stop Her Engagement!

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Zee TV's Jamai Raja is currently witnessing a love triangle between Sid (Ravi Dubey), Roshni (Nia Sharma) and Neil (Indraneil Sengupta). In the last few episodes, we saw how Roshni confessed that she still loves Sid. Later, Sid also admits he never married Anya. But, when questioned by Roshni, Anya tells her that Sid is her husband. Now, Roshni assumes that Sid is lying to her.

To stay away from Sid, she proposes Neil, which he happily accepts and proposes her in turn. She accepts  his proposal hesitantly and preparations for their engagement ceremony begins. Amidst all this, Sid is devastated to know that Roshni has proposed Neil!

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In the upcoming episodes, Sid plans to stop the engagement, matter what. The big day arrives. Roshni gets ready for the engagement. However, she gets kidnapped from the venue which leaves Neil and his family in complete shock.

The kidnapper is none other than Sid! He takes Roshni to a jungle and ties her to a tree! Sid demands Roshni back in his life, all over again. He also tells her that he won't let her go away from his life at any cost, but she being a tough nut to crack, completely refuses to budge. But, he confronts her saying he will not let her free until she accepts his love!

While in the jungle, Sid takes good care of Roshni and even brings food for her. However, she refuses to eat. What happens next?

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