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Jamai Raja: Sid's Tantric Drama To Postpone The Wedding!

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In Zee TV's popular soap opera Jamai Raja, things will soon take a new turn as Sid will hatch a new plot to postpone his wedding with Anya! Yes, you have heard it right.

Sid wants to postpone his wedding with Anya, and he creates certain circumstances to make everyone believe that it is inauspicious time for the family. Even, Anya joins him this time, and both are hatching a plot to postpone their wedding!

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During a family picnic, Sid ( Ravi Dubey) makes Roshni's (Nia Sharma) tent fall on her purposely to signify it as something inauspicious! In this instance, he brainwashes Mitul and provokes her regarding a tantric baba. She becomes his pawn and and she calls a 'tantric baba' (aura healer)!

Sid is elated as he is the creator of all this drama as the 'tantric baba' is none other than Bunty himself! Sid further adds some spice to his drama by spoiling the preparations of the launch Party, in which the Khuranas and the Senguptas are merging for a project.

He deactivates the fuse when Roshni and Anya are in the lift, and they get caught! But, they are rescued with Neil's (Indraneil Sengupta) help. Further to this, he spoils the posters and pendrive by spilling water on them!

Sid even suggests to postpone the launch party hinting them to think about the so called 'inauspicious time' but, Neil and Roshni refuse to budge. Neil tells them that the launch party will not be postponed!

Poor Sid is having a tough time. Will his tantric drama work?

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