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Kasam Spoiler Alert: Here's How Rishi Will Expose Pawan And Saloni's Relationship!

We had earlier reported about Tanu (Kratika Sengar) calling off her marriage with Pawan after she gets to know about his marriage with Saloni. Now, the question is who will expose Pawan and how? We bring you the answer right away.

It is Rishi who exposes Pawan in front of Tanu and the entire family members. As we all know, Rishi forcefully takes Neha out on a dinner as ordered by his father, to a fancy restaurant. Incidentally, Pawan and Saloni are also celebrating their first wedding anniversary at the same place!

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By chance, Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) comes across the cake prepared for their anniversary with their names on it! Rishi spots them and he gets to know that Pawan has even booked a suite for both of them.

In the upcoming episodes of Kasam, Rishi will follow Pawan and Saloni to their room. Upon seeing them going inside, he will plan to expose him. He will drive home to bring the rest of the family to expose Pawan and Saloni's relationship!

As per the sources, "Rishi will go home and bring everyone to the hotel. On reaching the restaurant, Rishi will first show the family the hotel register wherein the room is booked for Pawan and Saloni. Raj will be shocked on seeing this, and will want to know the truth."

But, the twist comes here. As all of them will proceed towards the room, Bani (Roma Bali) will spot Neha sitting in the restaurant. She asks her to call Pawan and warn him of the impending danger.

While Rishi is trying his best to expose Pawan, Neha will try to spoil his plan by contacting him through phone. Will Pawan be exposed or will Neha warn him in time?

Well, this nail biting suspense will be revealed shortly. Until then, stay hooked to this space for more updates.

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