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Kasam Spoiler: Pawan Dances With Tanvi; Rishi Takes Revenge! [PICS]

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In the popular daily soap Kasam, Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) is injured in an accident and is admitted to the hospital. Pawan disguises himself as a doctor and steals Rishi's phone which contains all the proofs of his marriage with Saloni!

Rishi is lying unconscious. Rishi wakes up after sometime to find his phone missing! He is shocked. Both Rishi and Manpreet try to track down the pundit from whom they got the proof earlier that day, but in vain! Dejected, they decide to go back to safeguard Tanvi from Pawan.

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On the other hand, Tanvi (Kratika Sengar) calls up Rishi. Pawan, who now has Rishi's phone with him, will not answer the call. She feels restless. Neha gets to know that Rishi has hidden from his family, about his trip to Amritsar.

She enquires Tanvi about Rishi to get more information about this. Tanvi tells Neha that even she suspects Pawan and Saloni's relation. Neha pretends to support Tanvi.

In the upcoming episodes, Pawan questions Tanvi regarding her relationship with Rishi. The familes enjoy playing games together. They play the game of passing the parcel. Neha will dance in front of the entire family which makes Rishi awkward. Pawan will dance with Tanvi to make Rishi jealous!

Rishi plans to take revenge on Pawan, for this. He plays fugdi with Pawan. While doing so, Rishi suddenly leaves his hand and Pawan falls down. He gets hurt. Saloni helps him to get up and takes care of him.

Having lost the proof against Pawan, how will Rishi prevent Pawan and Tanvi's wedding?

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