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Kasam Spoiler: Rishi's Fight Sequence To Catch Tanuja's Attention!

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The most loved soap opera on Colors, Kasam has finally witnessed a 20-year leap. With this, the story moves forward and will now focus on Rishi (Sharad Malhotra), as a 42-year-old powerful business tycoon!

After losing Tanu, he becomes serious and bitter towards life in contrast to his happy-go-lucky attitude. Meanwhile, his family is introduced. His younger brothers Manpreet and Yuvraj are married with kids.

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Yuvraj's son, Nakul is shown to be interested in mixed martial arts and he considers Rishi, as his idol. Tanuja (Shivani Tomar), Tanu's reincarnated version and Rishi's new love interest is introduced. She is a chirpy and bubbly girl.

We had earlier reported about how Rishi and Tanu would meet in the upcoming episodes. But, even before that, Tanuja would manage to get a glimpse of him! How? Read on.

As per the latest spoiler, Nakul will get into a street fight to impress his mentor 'Rishi'. However, he will get beaten up in the fight. Rishi's family will be worried for Nakul.

In order to save him, Rishi's family would pester him to save Nakul. Rishi will refuse initially, but on seeing him getting beaten up, he will not be able to stop himself.

As per the sources, "This sequence will also bring back Rishi to the fighting arena. It will be a very emotional sequence wherein Rishi with all his power will protect Nakul and win the fight for him." Apparently, this sequence will be aired on TV.

It so happens, that back in Tanuja's house, the family will be watching TV, and Bani will recognize Nakul to be Yuvraj's son.

Just then, Rishi Singh Bedi's name will be mentioned on TV and guess what, Tanuja will run towards the TV to catch a glimpse of him!

Will Tanuja be able to watch Rishi on TV? Keep guessing!

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