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Kasam Spoiler: Rishi's Parents Are Against Rishi & Tanvi's Wedding!

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In the last episode of Kasam, we saw how Rishi (Sharad Malhotra) and Manpreet barged into Pawan's house and finally got a proof of Pawan and Saloni's wedding. Even Tanvi starts suspecting their relation when she spots them together.

Now, Tanvi (Kratika Sengar) is in a dilemma! She calls Rishi to inform him about the same, and Rishi ensures that he will throw Pawan out of her life and Tanvi feels relieved on hearing this.

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In the upcoming episodes, there will be a high-voltage drama in the show. Rishi's mother Rano finds out that he loves Tanvi and not Neha! She informs this to Rishi's father, Raj Singh who at first refuses to believe this.

Raj Singh confronts Rishi on hiding this truth from the family, even though he treated him more like a friend, than a father. He even demands Rishi's confession. Rishi confesses in front of his parents that he truly loves Tanvi and not Neha!

He also tells them that he would like to marry Tanvi. Rishi's father refuses to accept Rishi and Tanvi's love. He gets enraged on hearing Rishi's confession and slaps him!

Will Rishi convince his parents for his marriage with Tanvi?

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