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Kawach: Revealed! The Reason Why Manjulika Is Torturing Paridhi! (PICS)

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Colors' show Kawach that has replaced Naagin is going on the right track, as the show has attracted audiences and is now topping the TRP charts. Like Naagin, Kawach is also a supernatural drama, where Manjulika posseses Paridhi for a hidden motive. Read on to know what that hidden motive is...

Manjulika behaves as an obsessed lover of Rajbir and haunts Paridhi. She threatens to harm Rajbir, if Paridhi reveals the truth about her. Paridhi is helpless and is tortured by Manjulika, every day.

Kawach: Revealed! The Reason Why Manjulika Is Torturing Paridhi! (PICS)

Paridhi tries her best to stop Manjulika's evil deeds. She destroys the passport, to stop Manjulika from going for the honeymoon. To keep her husband away from Manjulika, Paridhi even asks Rajbir to go to Canada alone, as he has official work.

Rajbir agrees to leave, but Manjulika doesn't stop there, she posseses Paridhi and hurts her to stop Rajbir. Paridhi tries to tell Rajbir that she is not hurt badly, and he should go to Canada, but Manjulika plots in such a way that Rajbir misses the flight!

Again, she continues to possess Paridhi and tries to make love to Rajbir. Although, he doubts on Paridhi's extreme behaviour, Manjulika distracts him with other topic!

On the other hand, Manjulika teaches Natasha, a lesson for taunting her. Natasha also follows the possessed Paridhi to an old bungalow, and watches her speaking to someone (unaware that it is Manjulika's mother). She also gets to see her speaking to a portrait in the store room, but ignores.

Manjulika would have gone to the old bungalow to promise her mother that she would free her from the samadhi. Also, in the store room, she would be seen speaking to her mother's portrait about her plan!

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