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Naagin: Naagmani Drama - Yamini & Ankush Fight; Ritik In Trouble; Will Shivanya Save Ritik? (PICS)

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Colors' top show, Naagin makers are not leaving any stone unturned to make the show interesting. Back-to- back twists in the story are keeping the audiences engaged.

In the previous episode, we saw Shivanya (Mouni Roy) killing Shailesh, before enquiring about the naagmani. Ritik is shocked to see a naagin killing Shailesh and informs the same to the family.

Naagin: Naagmani Drama - Yamini & Ankush Fight; Ritik In Trouble; Will Shivanya Save Ritik? (PICS)

Ritik also gets a maang teeka of Shivanya, which he decides to give to Guru Maa to kill the naagin. Shivanya tells the same to Sesha, who assures Shivanya that she will get the maang teeka back.

When Shivanya and Ritik were on the way to meet Guru Maa to give the maang teeka, Sesha attacks and get the teeka back, saving Shivanya.

Now that they have killed the third killer of their parents, they are in hunt for the fifth killer, as they know Ankush is the fourth killer.
But, it is not easy for these naagins to find the fifth killer as another trouble land their way in the form of an ichadari mor - Mayura.

Mayura will be creating trouble in Ritik and Shivanya's lives. She takes advantage of Shivanya and Ritik's fight and tries to flirt with Ritik. Mayura will be introduced by Ankush, as his friend's daughter.

In the upcoming episode, Shivanya will do the thandav to get the naagmani. Shivji will be pleased with Shivanya, while Ritik gets the naagmani!

According to the spoiler, Ritik gives the naagmani to Yamini and Ankush, who will be happy. Also, Yamini and Ankush feel that there is no use of Ritik now as their work is done, and he is not their son as well. They will try to kill Ritik. Shivanya will sense trouble and rushes to save her husband!

-Ritik hands over the naagmani to Yamini and Ankush who are very happy!

-Yamini and Ankush decide to sell the naagmani and try to kill Ritika.

-Shivanya senses trouble and rushes to save Ritik, while Sesha reminds her of Shivanya being naagin and stops her.

-But, later Yamini and Ankush will get to know that the naagmani they have is fake. Yamini hits Ankush!

-Yamini and Ankush ditch the plan of killing Ritik.

-The original naagmani will be with Shivanya and Sesha. They will place it beneath the Shivling, its actual place.

-Ichadari mor, Mayura, flirts with Ritik and brings trouble in Shivanya, Ritik and Sesha’s lives.

-Will Mayura succeed in her motive? Will she be able to separate Ritik and Shivanya?

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