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Pratyusha Banerjee Death: 10 Reasons Why We Feel Rahul Raj Singh Is Under Scanner!

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Balika Vadhu and Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Pratyusha Banerjee death (suicide), has shocked everybody. With each passing day the case is getting complicated; and most of the evidences aim at her boyfriend, Rahul Raj Singh, being the reason for her death. Read on to know why we feel Rahul is under scanner...

1. Why Didn't He Inform Police Before: Why didn't Rahul inform the police initially, when he saw Pratyusha hanging? (on second thought, why did he do so much circus to open the door, which the police could have done easily?)

Click On 'View Photos' To Check Out Pictures of Rahul Snapped With Ex-GF Saloni, His (Ex-)Wife, & Pratyusha

Pratyusha Banerjee Death: 10 Reasons Why We Feel Rahul Raj Singh Is Under Scanner!

2. Why Did He Abscond From The Scene: Why did Rahul abscond from the hospital after he came to know about his girlfriend's death? Fine... If he was so much scared of her friends, why did he switch off his mobile? On a second thought, if he really wasn't guilty, he should be scared of anybody!

3. Abscond With Pratyusha's Mobile As Well: Why did he take Pratyusha's mobile? If he had to book her parents' tickets, why he didn't book?

4. Rahul's Instagram Account Cleared: Social media account - Instagram cleared (no pictures) and now made private; after Pratyusha's death! A television actress was quoted by DNA as saying, "What does that tell you about Rahul? Her body was still in the hospital and he was more concerned about clearing his Instagram history? He was only thinking of himself. Maybe he is not guilty of any crime but changes on social media, running away with her phone, all point to him hiding something."

5. No Friends To Support: If he was innocent, why there isn't any person coming forward to protect him (except his parents). Now, it's too late as no one would come now, but initially, why didn't any support him?

6. Rahul Unaffected When His GF Was Hospitalised/Dead: Eating chips in the hospital when his girlfriend was hospitalised/critical/dead? [The onlookers (one may lie, but not all) said he was seen munching chips and remained unaffected about his girlfriend's death!]

7. Rahul's Hidden Relationship: Why did he hide about his past relationship (marriage with airhostess) and about 9-year-old kid?

8. Neeraj Gupta Backing Out From The Case: Why did the first lawyer Neeraj Gupta back out from the case (If Rahul was really innocent, he would have left the case and wouldn't have given so many reasons to quit Rahul's case.)

9. Pratyusha Wanted To Fight A Day Before Her Death: Why did Pratyusha call Leena, a day before her death, and tell her that she want to fight back; and the next day itself she was found dead (commited suicide). Leena was quoted by a leading daily as saying, "Around 3 am, a day before her (Pratyusha's) death, she (Pratyusha) called me and was crying. She said 'I want to get out of these things'. Whatever is happening with me is wrong. I asked her what exactly it was. She told me 'I want to fight back, I can't stay like this, I want to sort out these things and come out of this',"

10. Contradictory Statements: About their frequent fights, while speaking to ABP News, Rahul had said, "I don't know the reason why she committed suicide. We had no fight, we were very happy together & were about to get married,"

But in an interview to a leading daily (Mid-Day), he was quoted as saying, "I admit we fought a lot. Fame had gone to her head. She'd always belittle me. However, I am innocent."

Lots of evidences are against Rahul, it has to be seen what will happen to this case as day by day, one or the other secret is being leaked and the case is getting complicated. [Images (1, 7-11) source: Instagram]

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