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Pratyusha Banerjee Suicide: Actress’ Parents’ REVEAL SHOCKING FACTS!

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Pratyusha Banerjee's suicide has shocked her parents. Her parents as well as her close friends cry foul play and blame her boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh for her death! Till now they had remained silent, as they wanted to rest their daughter in peace, by completing the (last-rites) rituals. Many secrets of Rahul have come out (through Pratyusha's close friends or media), that are indicating that he could be the reason for her death.

Also, his lawyer Neeraj Gupta, who was fighting his case, has backed out saying, his clients hid essential facts from him, and he came to know about them from the media. He also added that 'his conscience doesn't allow me to fight for such cases'! Now, Pratyusha's parents have come out in open and have given some shocking statements during the press conference, that was held after Pratyusha's prayer meet.

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Pratyusha Banerjee Suicide: Actress’ Parents’ REVEAL SHOCKING FACTS!

Pratyusha's parents was quoted by a leading daily as saying, "He (Rahul) lied to her about his properties....He took full control of her life. He used to beat and abuse her often." They further said, that they never liked him and have never met his parents. They added, "If Rahul's parents were so close to Pratyusha, they should have been the first ones to be at the hospital."

Pratyusha's father Shankar Banerjee said that Pratyusha recently got to know that Rahul had a 9-year-old son from his earlier relationship. Rahul had also threatened Pratyusha to dump her if she lived with her parents!

"Rahul lied to her that he had four flats and cars in Mumbai, 150 acres in his hometown and his mother is an MLA. He took full control of her life. He wouldn't let her meet her friends or use her phone. He taunted her about her past relationships. He used to beat and abuse her often and neighbours at the Kandivli house where they lived had once heard a loud sound when she got hurt," Pratyusha's parents were quoted by a leading daily as saying.

They also said that Pratyusha had complained to her uncle Deepankar and his wife about the torture (showing them a bruise she had sustained on her leg), in January. A day before her death also she had complained about the abuse to her uncle and parents. Pratyusha wanted the relationship to work and that's the reason she didn't separate.

Rahul had also stopped Pratyusha contacting her parents and friends. Her father also was quoted by a leading website as saying, "Rahul and his father were managing Pratyusha's finances." He added, "She was very scared in her last days. She was told that Rahul and his kin are powerful people from Ranchi."

Pratyusha wanted a lavish wedding, but her dream was shattered as she met a wrong guy. The maid had also told her parents that 'Saloni would torture her but Rahul never protected Pratyusha.'

The actress' mother Soma Banerjee was quoted by the website as saying, "He used to doubt her character and hurl all kinds of allegations on her."

Pratyusha's friends Kamya Punjabi and Vikas Gupta also revealed that Rahul had earlier cheated seven girls for money!

Shankar added, "Rahul should either get a life sentence or capital punishment. No other girl should have to die like my daughter did."

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