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Saath Nibhana Saathiya Spoiler: Jaggi To Fall In Love With Gopi! (PICS)

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In Saath Nibhana Saathiya, Jaggi (Mohammad Nazim), who looks just like Ahem has been brought to the Modi house by Kokila to shoo away Mansi, Pramila and Dr Krishna. It has to be recalled that Dr Krishna Raheja acts good and would have married Gopi. Krishna was a part of Mansi's plan who wants to take revenge on Gopi.

In the previous episodes, we witnessed the Raheja family occupying the Modi house. They also claim that they have a share in the property, and threaten Kokila and Gopi that they will sell their share of Modi property.

It is then that Urmila and Gopi plan to make use of Jaggi. They decide to trap Mansi by sending Jaggi as Ahem. They also succeed in their plan as well. But, unfortunately, when Mansi would be getting married to Jaggi aka Ahem, he gets annoyed and reveals the truth, that he is not Ahem! Gopi's plan fails.

According to the latest spoiler, somehow Gopi and Jaggi manage to get the property papers, and throw the Raheja family members outside. But this is not the end. The trio will soon be back in the Modi house to create havoc!

Admist some serious moments, the viewers will get to see, what they have been missing so long. Yes, Mohammad Nazim and Devoleena Bhattacharjee's romance.

In the upcoming episodes, Jaggi will be shocked to see Gopi dancing for his type of songs (tapori songs).

Well, wondering why will Gopi dance for Jaggi?? Apparently, it will be Jaggi's dream. Jaggi unknowingly, falls in love with Gopi. And whenever he sees Gopi, he feels uncomfortable!

Also, Mansi, Pramila and Krishna, who will be back in the house, will create a situation wherein they will trouble Gopi a lot (especially Krishna), that Jaggi gets annoyed. To protect Gopi from her enemies, he applies sindoor on Gopi's forehead!

Lots of drama in store... Stay locked to this space for the latest updates...

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