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Face Palm! Sasural Simar Ka Copies Game Of Thrones Teaser; Gets Trolled!

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Color's show, Sasural Simar Ka recently released a promo. The makers seemed to have tried to rip off a trailer from the American TV series, Game Of Thrones, which was an epic fail.

The show was trolled by the Tweeples, and believe us, the promo has became a laughing stock! The promo had all the characters of the show in the dark cervices of a Hall of Faces just like that of the GoT.

Check Out More Pictures Of The Promo As Well As Read On The Tweets On The Slides...

The promo shows the villain of the show 'Chandramani' challenging Simar (heroine) (Dipika Kakar) Chandramani says, "Tujhe kya laga Simar, Chandramani basm hogayi? Tu kya lagayegi chand ko grahan? Main Chrandramani, ab lagega Bharadwaj parivaar ko grahan."

Game of Thrones has been famous TV series, with a massive following in India. It is the world's most illegally downloaded show. The makers must have thought, by imitating GoT they might also get popular!

Well, we are sure, those who are unaware of the show, must have definitely watched the promo, just to check how the makers have copied it. But it is just not comparable to the American TV series, and here is the proof!

Read on to know what tweeples have to say about the show....

Sahil Shah
The only good thing to take away from 'Sasural Simar Ka' copying Game of Thrones is that eventually all the main characters will die.

A ‏@caramelquills
jHahahah Such a fail! Sasural Simar Ka Copies Game of Thrones Teaser Because Hindi Soaps Know Nothing

And you know it's an Indian TV serial when you saw the house of black and white of #GoT being shown in the same!#SasuralSimarKa

Just saw Sasural Simar ka ki ad and it is a total rip off of Game Of Thrones ki advert. Are you bloody kidding me? Kuch toh aukaat me raho.

usamah khan
She : what are you doing?
Me : game of thrones season 5, wat abt u?
She : sasural simar ka season 1

Adolescent Buddha
So, sasural simar ka copied the hall of faces from Game of thrones. Hoping that gives George R R Martin the power to kill its characters off

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