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Swaragini: Kavya’s Media Drama; Domestic Violence Case Against Maheshwari Family; Swara To Rescue!

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In Swaragini, Shekar orders Swara not to go to the Maheshwari house as Lakshya betrayed her sister, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar), and fears that Swara may get into trouble. Although, it was Lakshya's fault and none of the house members were involved in it, Shekar refuses to consider anybody's words.

Sanskar is worried and upset that even after marriage he had to stay away from his love Swara. On the other hand, Ragini attempts suicide, but luckily gets saved. Lakshya will be blamed for the same and Sanskar drags him to the baadi.

Swaragini: Kavya’s Media Drama; Domestic Violence Case Against Maheshwari Family; Swara To Rescue!

Lakshya and Kavya, who will be drunk, create a drama at Swara's house. Kavya will also insult Ragini in front of the family, which will not go well with Swara. She throws a flower vase at Kavya and warns her not to speak against her sister.

Kavya also warns Swara, and asks her not to mess with her as she is a famous celebrity. Although Lakshya is concerned about Ragini; Kavya takes over Lakshya and starts ordering Maheshwari family.

Meanwhile, Uttara calls Sanskar, who was with Swara, and tells him about how Kavya is throwing the family out. Sanskar gets the lawyer home, and stops Kavya.

But Kavya doesn't stop here. The next morning, she calls media to the house (for Muh-Dikhai) and announces that she is married. She introduces Lakshya to the media. Annapoorna and Sujatha will not like Kavya's attitude, and there will be an argument, which makes Annapoorna slap Kavita.

Kavita takes advantage of this, and smudges her make-up. She also throws things down and blames Annapoorna and Sujatha. She calls police and media and files domestic violence case against them.

Ragini and Swara will be seen watching the drama on television. Ragini asks Swara to rescue the family as she belongs to the Maheshwari family.

Dadi asks Swara to choose among Gadodia and Maheshwari house and Swara chooses the Maheshwari house.

She tells the media that her family cannot insult anybody and they are among the reputed families in the society. The police who had arrested Sujatha and Annapoorna, leaves them! (Check Out Spoiler Images)

- Ragini attempts suicide. Fortunately, she survives.

- Maheshwari family members come to baadi to meet Ragini.

- Kavya and Lakshya enjoy drinks in their room.

-Sanskar disturbs the couple and drags Lakshya to the baadi.

- Shekar separates Swara and Sanskar again.

- Kavya and Lakshya create drama in Swara's house.

- Kavya insults Ragini, which doesn't go well with Swara. She warns Kavita and asks her to leave the place.

- Sanskar meets Swara in the baadi. Both share an emotional moment.

- Kavya asks Maheshwari family members to leave the house, but Sanskar gets his lawyer and stops Kavya from ordering them.

- Kavya creates a drama in front of media and police. She files domestic violence case against Sujatha and Annapoorna.

- Sujatha and Annapoorna will be questioned by the media.

- Swara and Ragini are shocked to see the news ( Annapoorna and Sujatha getting arrested) on television.

-Ragini suggests Swara to go to Maheshwari house to set things right.

- Even though Sanskar tries to stop police, they don't stop. Finally, Swara enters Maheshwari house.

- Swara gives statement to the media that her family has good reputation in society and they can't misbehave with anybody.

-Dadi is angry on Swara as she went against Shekar. She asks Swara to choose either her parents or sasural!

- According to the latest spoiler, Swara chooses Sanskar.

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