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Swaragini: Parineeta Blackmails Ragini; Sanskar In Trouble! (PICS)

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In Swaragini, Swara is back to the Maheshwari house and everyone is happy, except Parineeta. It has to be recalled that Parineeta was responsible for Swara's memory loss. Pari had joined hands with Rajat, after which Swara lost her memory due to unfortunate accident!

The rest of the story is known to all - how Sahil saved Swara and fell in love with her. He also made false promise to Sanskar that he would reunite him with Swara, but plans against Sanskar. Sahil exposes Sanskar, who had changed his avatar (Kissan, the rockstar), to revive Swara's memory.

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Swaragini: Parineeta Blackmails Ragini; Sanskar In Trouble! (PICS)

After Swara gets to know about Kissan, she decides to divorce Sanskar. With no other way left, Sanskar kidnaps Swara. He takes her to the jungle and tries to make her understand about the whole scenario. Swara escapes and meets Sahil, who was searching Swara.

Sahil gets crazy and tells Sanskar and Lakshya not to separate him from Swara. Sahil tells Sanskar that he loves Swara and points gun towards Sanskar. Swara recalls Rajat's incident. She hurts Sahil and runs towards Sanskar.

Sahil escapes, while Sanskar and Lakshya takes Swara to the Maheshwari house. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is shocked to see Swara unconscious, but the doctors check Swara and tell that she is fine.

Swara is guilty that she accused Sanskar and apologises to him. She also apologises to Sujatha for troubling her. Ragini and others are happy.

Swara slaps Parineeta and exposes her in front of the family. She will be thrown out of the house.

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