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Swaragini’s Shocking Twist: Kavya Commits Suicide; Lakshya Arrested!

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In Swaragini, as we all know, Kavya's high voltage drama has landed the Maheshwari family, behind the bars. Lakshya is so much in love with Kavya, that he forgets his family's love and gets them arrested for the crime that they haven't even committed.

In the previous episode, we saw, the Maheshwari family members busy with pooja arrangements. Kavya asks the family's permission to participate in the pooja, and Annapoorna agrees. Kavya looks at the heavy jewellery, while Annapoorna asks her to keep it, which shocks everybody.

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Swaragini’s Shocking Twist: Kavya Commits Suicide; Lakshya Arrested!

On the other hand, Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) recalls her past with Lakshya and gets upset. The Gadodia family members would have arranged for a guy's family to meet Ragini, for the marriage. Although, Ragini doesn't want to, she agrees to meet them, for her family's happiness.

The groom's family arrives and her the boy's mother likes Ragini a lot. Sumi and Dadi praise Ragini in front of the groom's family, while the guy's mother questions about Sumi (as she is not the biological mother of Ragini). Ragini clarifies to them that their relation (bond) is made of love.

Meanwhile, Sujatha doubts Kavya's intention. Kavya bumps into Swara while going, and Swara finds some powder on her hand. She gets to know that Kavya is upto something as the powder that fell on her hand from crackers!

Just when Swara was about to tell this to Annapoorna and Sujatha, Kavya burns her churnari, that had the crackers attached. It blasts and Kavya faints.

Lakshya comes to Kavya's rescue and calls the police. Shockingly, he asks the police to arrest the whole family!

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