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Swaragini Spoiler: Kavya Troubling Swara; Kartik To Trouble Ragini!

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It is known to all that Kavya has been troubling the Maheshwari family, in Swaragini. Swara (Helly Shah), who has come back to the Maheshwari family, is trying to protect them from Kavya. But what is it that's making her behave so rude with the family? Does she have a bitter past associated with the family?

In the previous episode, we saw how Kavya is determined to spoil family's reputation. She gets her students to the house and starts her dance classes in the house. The family doesn't like Kavya's students as the girls wear short clothes, and boys are seen closer to the girls.

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Swaragini Spoiler: Kavya Troubling Swara; Kartik To Trouble Ragini!

Although Annapoorna and Sujatha try to warn Kavya, Lakshya turns deaf towards his mother's words and supports his wife. The matter gets out of hand, when Kavya's student misbehaves with Uttara and Kavya was just looking at them instead of stopping the guy.

Annapoorna and Sujatha warn the guy, but he misbehaves with Uttara in front of them. Swara comes to Uttara's rescue then, and teaches the guy, a lesson. In the upcoming epsisodes, Swara will hit the guy with a stick,while Sujatha chases Kavya's students with the broom and shoos them off the house!

Swara prepares the Mahashivratri Prasad (which Dadi used to prepare) for the family under Ragini's guidance. On the other hand, under Swara's guidance, Ragini prepares the sweets that Dida used to prepare.

Both Swara and Ragini impress the families with their cooking skills. But the Maheshwari family will get yet another shock, as a police case will be registered on them. The sweet that was distributed by Annapoorna to her daughter-in-laws -Swara and Kavya, had poison. The duo faints after having the sweet and the doctor declares it to be police case!

Uff! Too much drama. What is Kavya upto and who is this Kartik? Read the spoilers in the slides...

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