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Swaragini Spoiler: Lakshya Realises His Mistakes & Apologises To His Family!

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In Swaragini, Kavya wanted to destroy the Maheshwari family and as soon as Lakshya started doubting on her, she took the final step. Kavya commits suicide, and the blame of her death falls on Lakshya, who along with his family gets arrested!

In the recent episode, we saw Lakshya blaming his family for the blast that happened during the pooja. Lakshya calls the police and gets the family arrested. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is upset seeing Annapoorna and Durga Prasad in the jail. She promises them and Swara that she will not let them spend the night in the police station and will bail them out soon.

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Swaragini Spoiler: Lakshya Realises His Mistakes & Apologises To His Family!

Ragini goes to the Maheshwari house, and lashes out at Lakshya in front of Kavya. When Kavya tries to interfere, she warns her not to speak when she is talking to Lakshya. When Kavya asks her to speak only important things and not to blame her husband, Ragini tells about the guy (Kartik) whom she followed to the studio and doubts about his relation with Kavya.

Ragini also tells Lakshya that he was the same person, whom he met as a chat and ice-cream seller. This stuns Lakshya, as he doesn't remember meeting anybody and shouts back at Ragini, who leaves the place warning him about Kavya.

Lakshya starts doubting Kavya, who meets Kartik to give money. He follows Kartik, who gives money to the tailor. Lakshya gets to know from the tailor that he was given money to stitch her clothes with the crackers!

Lakshya is shocked. He gets strange pain in his head, and visits the doctor. He gets to know from the doctor that he was having some drug that has severe effect on his body. He recalls Kavya giving him juice, which was mixed with some powder.

Finally, Lakshya reaches home to get answers from kavya, but gets a shock of his life! Kavya attempts suicide by hanging herself.

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