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Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini To Get Pregnant; Parineeta To Create Trouble

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The makers of Swaragini are keeping the audiences engaged with back-to-back twists and turns. Now that Ragini's (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) truth is out, Parineeta gets irked, as her motive (getting back to the Maheshwari house) is not fulfilled.

In the previous episode we saw how Parineeta makes Ragini fall. Ragini's truth will come out and the Maheshwari family members lash out at Ragini. Sharmista cannot bear the taunts and comes in support of Ragini. The family members are upset with Ragini and Sharmista.

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Swaragini Spoiler: Ragini To Get Pregnant; Parineeta To Create Trouble

When Durga Prasad and Sujatha taunt Ragini and Sharmista for betraying the family, Shekar comes in support of them. He reveals how Dadi forced Sumi to abort the baby, and had also once poisoned the food to kill the unborn baby.

The family members accept Ragini, but Parineeta will not be happy with this, as she would have thought that they would get her back home, when they get to know Ragini's truth. When what Parineeta expected doesn't happen, she decides to spoil Swara and Ragini's lives. She also, curses the Maheshwari house members that they will never get a heir.

In the upcoming episodes, Sumi will slip and fall down. She will be rushed to the hospital. The doctors declare that they couldn't save the baby! On hearing this, Sumi, and her daughters - Ragini and Swara, are left completely shattered.

But, the truth is, Sumi would not have suffered miscarriage. Parineeta would have bribed the nurse and stolen the baby. Will Swara and Ragini get to know about this?

On the other hand, Ragini gets pregnant in real.

It has to be seen, how far Parineeta will go to ruin Swara and Ragini's lives!

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