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Swaragini Spoiler: Sahil Gets Beaten Up; Swara Blames Sanskar! (PICS)

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In Swaragini, Sahil (Anuj Sachdeva) brings Swara (Helly Shah) back home. Swara's parents and Dadi are happy seeing Swara alive and they thank Sahil.

On the other hand, Swara is shocked to see her mother Sumi and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) in different avatars. She questions the duo about the same, and that is when they realise that Swara has lost her memory.

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Swaragini Spoiler: Sahil Gets Beaten Up; Swara To Blame Sanskar! (PICS)

Ragini informs the Maheshwari family members about Swara. They arrive at the baadi to take Swara, unaware of the fact that Swara has lost her memory.

Sumi, Shekar and Ragini remain speechless when the Maheshwari family ask them, 'why they are dull even though Swara has returned'!

Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) is happy that Swara has returned and tells Lakshya how well he has dressed to see Swara. He also orders flowers to welcome Swara. But Sanskar will get shock of his life when Swara refuses to recognise him as her husband.

We had already reported how Swara blames Sanskar. She calls Sanskar a murderer. She thinks that Sanskar tried to kill her, and that is how she fell into the river. Swara runs towards Sahil, which breaks Sanskar's heart.

Annapoorna, Sujatha and Durga Prasad are equally shocked, while Parineeta breathes a sigh of relief as her secret didn't come out.

It has to be recalled that Parineeta had joined hands with Rajat in kidnapping herself, so that she could prove Rajat wrong as well as portray Swara in bad light in front of the Maheshwari family members. Unfortunately, Swara gets kidnapped and Rajat tries to kill her. Rajat would also have revealed to Swara that Parineeta knew about the whole incident (kidnap).

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