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Swaragini Spoiler: Oh No! Swara To Marry Sahil; Reveals Ragini’s Truth! (PICS)

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The makers of Swaragini are keeping the audiences engaged with back-to-back twists and turns. Sahil, who is madly in love with Swara (Helly Shah), wants her back in his life and for this, he is ready to put Swara's family in danger, especially Sanskar.

On the other hand, Parineeta is troubling Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) as she knows the truth that the latter is not pregnant and has been doing a drama to save her mother's (Sharmista) baby. Parineeta threatens Ragini that she would tell the truth to the family members, if she doesn't help her to get back to the Maheshwari house.

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Swaragini Spoiler: Oh No! Swara To Marry Sahil; Reveals Ragini’s Truth! (PICS)

It has to be recalled that Parineeta has been thrown out of the house because of her bad deeds. She had joined hands with Rajat, after which Swara lost her memory. Swara reveals the same to the family members and Parineeta's husband Adarsh throws her out of the house. He also decides to divorce Pari. To resolve this matter, she takes advantage of Ragini's lie and blackmails her!

Meanwhile, Ragini tries to reveal about her fake pregnancy to Swara. But, every time she tries to tell her, either someone interrupts her or Swara gets busy. Lakshya supports and asks Ragini to tell Swara the truth, and after which they would reveal it to the family members. He also asks Ragini not to be scared of Pari.

In the previous episode, we saw how Swara alone (without Sanskar and Ragini), goes to the music foundation with girls. But eventually the family members get to know that Swara is kidnapped.

In the upcoming episodes, Swara will be back home and slaps Ragini for lying to their family about her fake pregnancy, during her godhbarai function.

Also, Swara shocks Sanskar as she gets ready as Sahil's bride. She is all set to marry Sahil!! Well, well... don't worry guys, your Swara and Sanskar are inseparable, this is a drama to trap Sahil!

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