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Swaragini Spoiler: Swara-Kavya Face Off; Dadi Throws Swara Out Of The House Again! (PICS)

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In Swaragini, we saw how Kavya creates a media drama. She files domestic violence case against Sujatha and Annapoorna, and they will also get arrested. Swara and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) are shocked to watch the drama on television.

While Dadi is happy to see the drama, Ragini asks Swara to go to the Maheshwari house to save her in-laws. Swara enters the Maheshwari house to rescue Annapoorna and Sujatha from the police, media and Kavya!

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Swaragini: Swara-Kavya Face Off; Dadi Throws Swara Out Of The House Again! (PICS)

Dadi feels that Shekar met with an accident, as Swara broke the promise given to him. Sanskar, Annapoorna and Durga Prasad reach baadi with Swara to see Shekar, but Dadi throws Swara out of the house. Sumi asks Dadi's permission to perform the post-marriage ritual (bidai), while Shekar is very upset with Swara.

On the other hand, Lakshya is upset that his family was insulted with Kavya's media drama. When Kavya speaks rubbish about the Maheshwari family, while Lakshya tells Kavya that his family is not bad and is concerned about him. We don't understand when Lakshya is so much bothered about his family, why is he acting like a fool with Kavya!

On the other hand, Swara will be welcomed in the Maheshwari house by Sujatha and Annapoorna. Kavya will be busy listening to the music but will confront Swara. Both warn each other!

Swara is upset that her father is angry with her and is also concerned about his health. Ragini and Sanskar fulfil Swara's wish, by surprising her with a video chat. Ragini shows Swara that her father is absolutely fine and she need not worry.

Swara and Sanskar, who are upset with the happenings, together decide to mend the broken relations in their families.

In the upcoming episodes, Kavya will be seen troubling Swara. Also, Dadi will again throw Swara out of the house.

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