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Tashan-E-Ishq: Kunj Misunderstands Twinkle; Will This Lead To Their Separation?

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Tashan-E-Ishq is gearing up for a leap which will take place shortly. But before the leap, something shocking has happened, which has left the viewers completely dumbfounded.

In the previous episodes, we saw Yuvi (Zain Imam) casting his vote for Leela. Because of his vote, Leela wins the Best Business Woman award against Anita. Anita is upset with Yuvi for his behaviour. But, Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) starts believing in Yuvi and thanks him for supporting her mother. On the other hand, Kunj still doubts Yuvi's intentions.

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Yuvi gets to know that his mother Anita is planning something big this time, to seek revenge on Leela and Twinkle. He decides to inform this to Twinkle. Leela throws a party at home to celebrate her victory. Soon, Anita arrives at the party which shocks everyone. Yuvi, enters the party by disguising himself as a Sardar to protect Twinkle.

A heated argument takes place between Anita and Leela in front of the guests and the media. In a rage, Leela slaps her hard and Anita vows to destroy her life! Kunj who was upset with Twinkle for believing in Yuvi, decides to let go off the past.

Meanwhile, two men enter the party disguised as clowns with balloons in their hand. Soon, it is revealed that the balloons are filled with laughing gas. Cherry pricks the balloons and the gas comes out. Everyone starts laughing.

Yuvi spots the clowns with knife in their hands. He takes away Twinkle from there but Kunj sees them go. He follows them. The clowns make Yuvi and Twinkle fall unconscious. Kunj later finds them lying together on the bed and is traumatised!

How will Kunj react to this situation?

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