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Tashan-E-Ishq: Will Twinkle & Yuvi Get To Know That Rocky Is None Other Than Kunj?

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In Zee TV's hit soap opera, Tashan-E-Ishq, Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) has returned home safely. The Sarnas have presumed that Yuvi (Zain Imam) is the kidnapper.

Even Twinkle pretends to blame Yuvi for the same and stay back at the Sarna House to keep an eye on Rocky (Naman Shaw).

But, it is actually Twinkle and Yuvi's plan to find out Rocky's hidden motives. Twinkle finds him similar to Kunj, in many ways.

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In the previous episodes, Twinkle makes an effort to expose Rocky and prepares a chocolate cake with nuts (Kunj is allergic to nuts). Rocky feels uneasy after having the cake!

Not only that, Yuvi will search for proofs against Rocky at his house. Shockingly, Twinkle and Yuvi land up at his place to plan a surprise for Pallavi.

Luckily, Twinkle will save him. Yuvi will see Twinkle and Kunj's personal photos in Rocky's room and gets shocked. He informs the same to Twinkle, who senses that either there is a strong connection between Rocky and Kunj or Rocky is Kunj!

In the upcoming episodes, there will be some high-voltage drama as Yuvi and Twinkle will further plan to find out Rocky's real identity.

As per their plan, Twinkle will inform Rocky that the Sarna House is on fire and Usha is trapped in the house! It is quite obvious that, Rocky aka Kunj will be worried for his mom and rush to rescue her.

How will Rocky react? Will Twinkle and Yuvi get to know that, Rocky is none other than Kunj?

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