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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoilers: Raman Decides To Marry Nidhi; What Is He Upto? (PICS)

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Get ready for high voltage drama in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. We had already reported that Ishita will escape from death penalty and Raman will push Ishita off a cliff. It was also said that Raman fakes Ishita's death. But now we get to hear something else, that will shock you as well!

In previous episode, before Ishita's punishment, Raman meets Ishita. Although, Ishita convinces Raman that she will happily leave the world as she is content with her life, she is upset that she will be dying!

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Spoilers: Raman Decides To Marry Nidhi; What Is He Upto? (PICS)

Ishita also meets her family and ask them not to cry as she doesn't want to die, seeing them unhappy. Ishita, also tells Vandhu that she is not responsible for her death!

On the other hand, Ishita will express her last wish - to prepare payasam for the jail mates. Ishita will also say that she is missing her mother. Early in the morning, the jailer takes her to hang her. Fortunately, she will be saved, as she will find herself in an isolated place.

Ishita tries to escape and finds Raman. She will be happy that, she is saved, but Raman has hidden motives!

Raman will take her to the top of the cliff and pushes her down. Although Ishita will beg for her life, Raman doesn't listen to her.
Meanwhile, Mrs Iyer, who was performing pooja along with children, for Ishita, gets broken as she hears Ishita's death news. Whole family is seen mourning, while Raman will be seen enjoying with Nidhi!

Raman and Nidhi share a drink and enjoy. Seeing both together, Mrs Bhalla will be shocked. How can Raman forget Ishita? Did he really kill her? Check Out spoiler images... (Image source: SBB)

-Ishita escapes from the isolated place and meets Raman, who throws her off a cliff.

-Family members mourn Ishita’s death.

-Shagun tries to call Raman, but he would have switched off his mobile. When she finds Raman peacefully sleeping in the house and lied to her, she throws water on his face and wakes him up.

-Raman says that he is fed up of life, as he has been thinking only of family. Now he wants to live for himself.

-Shagun slaps him and shouts at him seeing him with Nidhi. Raman tells that he has decided to marry Nidhi!

-Seeing Raman with Nidhi, Mrs Bhalla asks Raman whether he is doing all these because of shock that his wife, Ishita died!

-In the past, Nidhi wanted to marry Raman, but he chooses, Shagun. Later, he marries Ishita.

-Spoiler 1: Nidhi will lose Ishita’s case to get Raman! She will be seen taking revenge on Raman.

-Spoiler 3: Raman will die saving Ishita. Later, Ishita and ACP Abhishek will be seen together.

-Spoiler 2: Nidhi will kidnap Raman’s children and blackmail him.

-Spoiler 4: Ishita will be back in a new avatar. There will be a leap in the show. Ishita will be back to avenge her death!

-Does this mean Raman really killed Ishita? Stay locked to this space to get the latest update of the show!

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