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Bigg Boss 10 Contestant Akansha Sharma Says She Would Date A Frog, But Not Manveer Gujjar!

Akansha Sharma says that she would date a frog but not Manveer Gujjar. Read on to know why she said so. Also, check out Manveer’s reaction on Akansha's comment...

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Recently, there were rumours of Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gujjar is spending a lot of time with his alleged girlfriend Nitibha Kaul's close friend, Akansha Sharma! During Bigg Boss 10 success party, it was said that Manveer partied till 5 AM and Akansha gave him company.

In an interview to Spotboye, Akansha was asked her about dating Manveer. She clarified that she is not dating him. She said, "I don't know why I got linked up to him after I met him at a party, a few days ago. Yes, we all had a blast on that day- but I certainly haven't had a scene with Manveer. How can I date him?"

Bigg Boss 10 contestant Akansha Sharma Says She Would Date A Frog, But Not Manveer Gujjar!

She added that she realised during the party that Manveer doesn't know how to talk to women and he doesn't respect them. She further added that Manveer is not her type of man!

Akansha further added that she would date a frog, but not Manveer. She added, "I wouldn't date him even if he was the last man on earth."

In the interview, she also said that Manveer has changed drastically and he is not like how he was in the Bigg Boss house. She feels that Manveer is delusional.

It has to be recalled that there were reports that Manveer is very busy and has no time for interviews. But Akansha has something else to say. She adds that Manveer has created a world around him and he looks busy, but he isn't!

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Well, Manveer is not the guy who sits silently and has hit back at Akansha's comment. In a live chat on Facebook, he took a dig at Akansha. He said on the live chat that he wanted to call her 'didi', but after these comments, he doesn't want to.

He further added, "It's great if Akanksha feels like dating an animal. She said that she would rather date a frog than me, but she should first ask the frog, if it will date her. If the frog responds with yes, then she too has fans!"

He also clarified that Nitibha is not a girlfriend, but a friend.

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