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Qubool Hai: December 23rd Episode Written Update

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Qubool Hai December 23rd Episode Written Update: The horrific scene continues where Haider runs after Razia to kill her. Razia hurts him back with a stone. His forehead gets wounded. Razia narrowly escapes the deadly blow.

A failed Haider comes back to his room and breaks things in utter pain and disgust. His reflection in the broken mirror resembles his broken heart, as he has failed to punish Razia for her crime.

Qubool Hai

Razia tells everything to her husband who gives her courage to fight back. In the morning Humeira comes to give breakfast to Haider and sees his wound. When she nurses it, Razia comes and sees the wound; a doubt comes to her mind whether it was Haider who was trying to kill her last night. Humeira finds Haider's shoes stained with mud and blood. She removes the blanket and sees Haider's legs. She becomes doubtful too.

On Nazma's advice, Nikhat decides to take care of her relationship with Farhan. Nikhat puts Farhan's pillow and blanket on the bed. After some time she finds the pillow and the blanket on the sofa. She thinks that Farhan has put the things there. She comes out of her room in search of Farhan. Again she has an uncanny feeling. A woman's figure is seen in the darkness. The woman slowly approaches towards Nikhat. The situation becomes extremely horrific.

Suddenly Farhan's mother comes and drags the woman to a room. She says that she keeps the woman intoxicated all the time so that she cannot come out of the room. Now, she locks the room from outside and puts a big painting in front of the door, to hide it from everyone.

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